I feel empty inside.


My parents both hit 50 in the last year or two and my dad’s been having different health problems and stuff, so he went to a doctor. And so now he’s determined to lose weight and my mom’s doing it with him to be supportive, and it’s just so cute. They’re using the weight machine and they’re gonna go on walks when the weather’s nicer. My dad’s 6’2” and my mom’s like 5’4, and my dad’s showing my mom different workout things that they can still do since they’re getting old.

Just saw Amazing Spiderman. It was pretty good, but I thought they under-used his spider-sense. And he’s hanging from the side of a building, and he needs Connors to pull him up? Did they forget how he GOT up there in the first place? HE CLIMBS WALLS! They even made him climb up a pipe parkour-style. HIS HANDS STICK TO WALLS!

But are my eyebrows my trump cards or trump card?


It’s the fear of rejection;

That much is certain.

But whether external,

Or internal…

I know not.

Damn dust storms.

I had to run track with my eyes almost all the way closed the entire time, and against the wind the whole time. If that wasn’t enough, I rode my bike home. Not so fun with 30+ Mph wind, going like 15 mph down hill.

My hat seems to be withering.

I think I’m afraid that if I get into a serious relationship, I’ll just have to move next year. But what if I don’t? Am I living in fear for nothing?

I need a hug.

But I’m not close enough to anybody to ask for that.